About Us

With SmartOffshore, we're building the first online marketplace for chartering marine and offshore vessels in Nigeria.

We want to make it simple for charterers and brokers to find appropriate vessels for their job without spending hours on the phone and email. We also want to make it easier for shipowners to find more and better-qualified customers.

Our long-term vision is to become the main platform for Nigeria's marine and offshore industry.

Excited about the idea? Join us by listing your vessels, start searching vessels, or email us with your feedback. We'd love to hear from you!

  • Emmanuel Ojinnaga


    Emmanuel has worked in the maritime industry for the past five years. His dynamic experience in the offshore and onshore operations gave him insight into the inefficiencies, high cost, and bottlenecks encountered during sourcing for and chartering of vessels to various IOCs and indigenous oil and gas companies. SmartOffshore is built to solve all of those challenges and many more.

  • Dejan Murko


    Dejan built his first online business in 2005. He co-founded Niteo in 2007, where in the past 15 years, they've done development consulting and built many software projects. Today, Niteo is a fully remote company headquartered in the middle of Europe, Liechtenstein, and has 9 team members working from 4 countries. Niteo builds and maintains the SmartOffshore platform.